Delicious strawberry cake for strawberry lovers. This 3 layer cake will surely bring a smile to your face. Made using pure strawberry puree inside, milk crumbs, and strawberry white chocolate buttercream top with crispy freeze-dried strawberries chunks and slices.

  • The buttercream contains while chocolate and strawberry which may be too sweet for a sweet sensitive person
  • Fresh strawberries are seasonal in Kota Kinabalu. Refund will be made for the purchase of Strawberry cake with fresh strawberries should the strawberry not be available during the delivery.

ingredients:  flour, fresh strawberries, whipped cream, mascarpone, white chocolate, eggs, vanilla extract, sugar, freeze-dried strawberries, strawberry puree.

6-inch cake, est 1.3kg, serves 6 to 10 people

8-inch cake, est 2.5kg,  serves 8 to 12 people