Borneo first artisan chocolate, made with Cacao, Cacao Butter and Cane Sugar.

1 set of chocolate include 4 (35gm each) chocolate bar:

1 * Borneo Bar

1 * Tawau Bar

1 * Keningau Bar

1 * Kota Marudu Bar

Enjoy it on its own or use it to substitute baking ingredients.

One of the pioneer beans-to-bar chocolate makers in Sabah, Bonaterra Cacao Mill, and Chocolate Maker uses exclusively cacao beans grown by them in Sabah. Their chocolate is crafted in micro-batches and takes approximately one month to make and age, The luscious soil and terrain in Sabah produce the best quality cocoa beans in the world, as it contains over 55% cocoa butter, compared to cacao beans sourced from other countries that produce less than 50% cocoa butter.